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Five Tips for a Successful Open House

You won the listing, you’ve helped the sellers with staging the house, gotten professional photos, and you’ve listed the property on your ...

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Should You Hire a Relative as Your Realtor?

Investing in real estate is an extremely daunting task. You are putting up large sums of money at stake, which is why investors are ...

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Five Reasons You Need To Hire a Real Estate Agent

With all the information and services on the internet, you might wonder why you really need to hire a real estate agent. The internet ...

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The Right Way to Advertise Your Home

Selling your home is a big decision. Not only have you spent heaps of money purchasing the house, but you’ll want to recoup ...

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Warning Signs of a Bad Real Estate Agent

Your relationship with your real estate agent can make or break your real estate transaction. It is a longlasting, intimate, and trusting relationship between ...

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AVID vs. Home Inspections

The AVID is an Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure and can be used by a buyer to negotiate for necessary repairs among other useful things. ...

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