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5 Home Upgrades That Have the Biggest ROI

Not all home upgrades are created equal. In fact, some enhancements will likely lose your seller (and you) money. Kitchen and bathroom upgrades have ...

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Five Tips for a Successful Open House

You won the listing, you’ve helped the sellers with staging the house, gotten professional photos, and you’ve listed the property on your ...

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The Importance of the Disclosure Information Advisory (DIA)

As most who work in the California real estate industry know, the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) reviews and updates important forms ...

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Selling your house is a very important decision. You pay a hefty price when buying a home and make several sacrifices in order to ...

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Home Buyer Superstitions

It is understandable that some people take serious precautions when buying a home. Given the circumstances, it’s reasonable that buyers go through extensive ...

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Should You Hire a Relative as Your Realtor?

Investing in real estate is an extremely daunting task. You are putting up large sums of money at stake, which is why investors are ...

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