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The Importance of the Disclosure Information Advisory (DIA)

As most who work in the California real estate industry know, the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) reviews and updates important forms ...

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What is the Transfer Disclosure Statement?

Introduction There are several important agreements and statements that need to be completed when buying and selling real estate. A Transfer Disclosure Statement or ...

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Disclosure Information Advisory

Full TranscriptDavid: Welcome to another TC tip from Offer To Close. My name is David and this is Cherie. The California Association of REALTORS ...

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Home Buyer Superstitions

It is understandable that some people take serious precautions when buying a home. Given the circumstances, it’s reasonable that buyers go through extensive ...

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AVID vs. Home Inspections

The AVID is an Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure and can be used by a buyer to negotiate for necessary repairs among other useful things. ...

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What is the Importance of the Natural Hazard Disclosure Report (NHD)?

When you buy real estate, you need to understand whether the property is structurally sound and has not been eroded by the effects of ...

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