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Five Tips for a Successful Open House

You won the listing, you’ve helped the sellers with staging the house, gotten professional photos, and you’ve listed the property on your ...

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Gary Keller Agrees – Hire A Licensed Transaction Coordinator

Gary Keller recently took back over the role as CEO of Keller Williams. If you are not familiar with Gary Keller, he and Joe ...

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Transaction Coordinator

Job Description Are you interested in helping to build an exciting new company in the real estate industry? Do you feel like your talents ...

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The Importance of the Disclosure Information Advisory (DIA)

As most who work in the California real estate industry know, the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) reviews and updates important forms ...

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What is the Transfer Disclosure Statement?

Introduction There are several important agreements and statements that need to be completed when buying and selling real estate. A Transfer Disclosure Statement or ...

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Disclosure Information Advisory

Full TranscriptDavid: Welcome to another TC tip from Offer To Close. My name is David and this is Cherie. The California Association of REALTORS ...

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